My fictional company GreenTouch is a tea company inspired by the charm of nature that has created premium pure teas and balanced tea blends. Their unique blend of rosehip and hibiscus gives a sharp yet fresh taste that will leave you to feel the energy embodied in a cup of tea.

Bold, mind, energetic, brighten, cleanse and refresh are used to describe the tea blends that gleam in a cup. The branding's visual was born and built around beautifully geometric typographic and semi-circles, representing peace and wellbeing through simplicity, ritual and balance.

The creative direction accompanies the brand name and its origin, which also hints at its target audience (open-minded individuals are seeking balance, self-care & wellness). Free spirits, creatives, precisely the spiritual offshoot, focused on peace and wellbeing through simplicity, ritual and balance. So circular geometric shapes were the perfect visual reference.

The logo & marks represent the origin and bring a fresh perspective to tea lovers (minimal, with a heavenly touch). I put most time and heart into creating a beautiful, relevant, yet cohesive colour palette and illustration that you can find on the front panel of the packaging. One that is non-trendy, but timeless.
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