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HealthMatch is a clinical trial matching platform that connects patients to available trials free of charge.

My rebranding enables the company to establish a long-lasting relationship with the target audience with a connection that includes trust and an emotional bond. In addition, the business's new face helps scale the user base from 10k to over a million in months.
As a company, HealthMatch has been in the market for over a year when I got tasked with rebranding, and they aim to be patient-first in everything they do. However, as a brand, it doesn't feel that the visual identity reflects this level of patient-centricity at that time. HealthMatch was in need of a new visual identity that was representative of their values and story.
Process and solution
New brand mark design
I started by reimagining the HealthMatch logo. The new brand mark relates to health and care. Using a custom plus symbol formed out of two rotated heart shapes, abstractly symbolising how we connect patients to available clinical trials from hearts.
Brand assets
Leading with purpose, HealthMatch is positioning itself authentically in a market where the audience is under-informed and feels treatment is hard to navigate. I worked with the founder and decided to focus on positivity and the impact we can make towards the future for the brand image and match with the company's tagline: Access tomorrow's treatments, today.

The core foundation of the brand identity is visual elements that stand for human, positivity, and accessibility. As a sole designer in the company, I've developed a colour palette, approachable typography, heart shapes symbols and an illustration library that contains and supports various forms of content like photography, billboard ads and UI components.

The main primary colour–Purple, the colour of magic, reflects HealthMatch is utilising technology to bring that magic to change a patient's life. The second colour on this primary colour palette is Green. It is the colour associated with life, nature and safety. It can also speak directly to the healthcare industry. And finally, the peach nude colour is the heart of the business – human.
Billboard Ads
As the company's U.S. launch in November 2021, I've got tasked with designing billboards that display on the Nasdaq Tower in New York, in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Miami. My approach mainly illustrated the tech celebrities, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on a hydrofoil.
Conference booth design and supporting materials
To raise awareness and credibility of HealthMatch, I've helped to bring the brand to one of the major industry events of the year in Australia–the ARCS conference. From booth design, product demo video making and flyer design, the outcome is that over 200 people came through the booth over three days.
And everything else...
I've designed not only the external facing material for the company but also all the other internal facing things like company SWAG and even the office mural based in Surry Hills, Sydney.